Hamley Bridge Swimming Pool Inc

Community public swimming pool

Opening times for the season are: School days 4.00pm – 6.00pm
Weekends & school holidays 2.00pm – 6.00pm

NEW temperature opening time is 26 degrees

If you wish to take out a membership this season please carefully read and fill out the forms and take the
forms to the pool or post it to: Hamley Bridge Swimming Pool, PO Box 69, HAMLEY BRIDGE SA
Payment of memberships entitles the member(s) entrance into the pool during public sessions, Vacswim
and school swimming.

DOWNLOAD Swimming Pool Membership Forms HERE

Hamley Bridge Swimming Pool


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(0414) 378690


(0401) 924481

Email Us :  hbspinc@hotmail.com

Download Membership Form


This year the Committee has decided to reduce to the fee’s to try and encourage more members,
anybody can become a member for $10 a year and then pay the annual fee a listed below, or a
reduced daily price, we have reduced the family membership from $170 to $100 with a $10

Membership rates 2014/2015

Lap swimmer $100.00.… (1 person) + $50 Deposit on Key
Family fee $100.00 (All those under 1 household roof)+$10 Membership
Senior pensioner $30.00 + $10 Membership
Membership installments can be made, please enquire at the pool.

Three Pool Membership – Anyone wishing to have access to Hamley Bridge, Owen and Balaklava
pools throughout one season can pay a $190 Family membership fee. Once paid in full entitles all
members of that family to access any pool at any time throughout the season.

Canteen Duties: Our canteen is run by volunteers. If you are available to help, inform one of our
volunteers. Remember the pool would simply not open without volunteers.

Volunteer training: Provides any person wishing to volunteer with first aid and water safety for pool
volunteers. This is paid for and provided by the swimming pool.

Police checks: These are mandatory under the child and safety act. A minimum pool volunteer training
course is also required for supervising at the pool. These are provided at the pools expense for all
volunteers. They are also a legal requirement under the standards and guidelines of operating
commercial pool.

Without volunteers we will experience closure days. We would appreciate any help, the more
volunteers the more we can achieve. If you lack confidence we will ensure you are on with a
competent pool supervisor.

Children under 10 years of age: must be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years). Unaccompanied
children 10 years and over must be a competent swimmers.

Medical emergency: In an emergency an ambulance will be called. It may be advisable to complete the
medical forms if your child who may remain at the pool unaccompanied, are completed for quick first
aid response and notification to parents.
Child safe environment: Please be aware that we are a child safe environment and now have mandatory
reporting. If there is any concern in regards to issues we may not be aware of please contact our child
safety officer.
ALL PAYMENT FOR MEMBERSHIPS IS DUE 31st December 2015 after this date the member
must pay at each entry until the membership has been paid. This gate fee is separate to membership and
will not be taken off membership fees.
LAP SWIMMERS: Lap swimmers are only allowed in the pool between the times of 6am to9.30pm. If
caught outside these times you will forfeit your key and lose your Key deposit and may be prosecuted.
MAINTENANCE: When there are any maintenance machines, tools in the pool, the pool is closed until
maintenance is finished the work. This work is done to ensure the standard of the swimming pool is
maintained and the safety of all patrons. A black board sign will be placed out to alert swimmers of any
conditions or issues within the pool grounds, please take note of this board.
KEYS: Keys must be returned at the end of the swimming season or deposits will be forfeited. The pool
committee retains the right to change the gate locks at any time without notice.

We ask all patrons to abide by our rules and regulations and would ask for
each person on the pool grounds to respect others. Unorderly conduct or
abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave. As this
is a child safe environment abusive behaviour towards children will not be
Please remember we are all volunteers, working for your community
swimming pool.

Management committee

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