Anzac Day in Hamley Bridge 2020

As we all do our best to keep heart and head together in these challenging times, the Hamley Bridge Community Association has struggled to find ways to reach out to the community with social distancing measures in place. But now we have a few things in mind over the next few weeks that we hope will work.

For starters we have been thinking through how to honour Anzac Day since we can’t all gather at the Institute for the dawn service and share breakfast. So in the March Hamley Headlines we asked for people to crochet poppies with a hole in the middle small enough for a fairy light to go through. We will use the poppies and lights to decorate the Soldiers Memorial outside the Institute over the next couple of weeks. It should be a heart warming sight. A big thank you to Kelly Tuddenham for making so many poppies including purple ones to remember Australian War Animals.

The next part of the plan is to raise the Australian flag on our new flagpole that Council went above and beyond to get it in place in time for this year’s Anzac Day celebrations. We will raise the flag at 6:00 am on Saturday 25th April and HBCA President Richard Gregory will broadcast the last post from ABC through our sound system at the Institute. Several people have asked if it would be okay to drive to the Institute and sit in their cars to listen to the broadcast. That will be a great way to honour the Anzacs and all our towns people as we work to stay safe together.

In the afternoon we are hoping to get the Frozen Cow ice cream people back as a treat – yes it is mostly for the kids, but the Mums, Dads, Nannas and Poppas love it too. We will keep you posted on our HBCA facebook page.

And as one final way to reach out to the community for this month, we are holding a colouring in competition for all the children. The topic is Anzac Day. Copies of the colouring sheet will be made available from Friday 17th April at the General Store and copies can be downloaded from the HBCA website Please put your name, age and phone number on the back of the sheet. Prizes are likely to be linked to the ice cream visit.

Stay safe and well and if you need to reach out for some help at this time, call Richard on 0428 286331 or Barbara on 0429 155743 and we will do our best to help.

Hamley Headlines May 2021

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