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January 2022
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24 - 25 Jan 2022


6:05 pm - 9:00 am

Rubbish Collection – General Waste Red Lid Bin

Rubbish Collection General Waste – Red Lid BIN


Red Lid Bin 
All general household waste, is collected weekly. Items to be placed in the bin include:
  • sponges, cleaning clothes, etc;
  • clothing, linen fabrics;
  • plastic bags, polystyrene, foam, cling wrap;
  • string, rope, wire, netting, plastic strapping;
  • crockery, cutlery;
  • pyrex, window glass, mirrors;
  • chip packets, chocolate and sweet wrappers;
  • cd’s, memory cards, video and audio tapes;
  • alkaline batteries.
Bin Rules
In order for this collection method to operate effectively and in the interests of public health, residents are requested to ensure the following. If you fail to comply with these guidelines, your mobile garbage bin will NOT be emptied.
  • bins must be placed on the footpath near the edge of the kerb with arrows on the lid facing towards the road – when placed correctly, the handle will be the closest part of the bin to your property.
  • bins must be placed no closer than 1.5 metres (5′) from obstructions (eg poles, trees, parked cars, etc).
  • bins placed together at the kerbside must be no closer than 600mm (2′) apart).
  • bins must not be overfilled so that the lid does not close or be packed tightly so that it will not empty correctly.
  • recyclable waste should be deposited in the yellow lid bin – refer to lists of recyclables.
  • only domestic waste should be deposited in the red lid bin – food waste, broken glass or sharp objects, and powdery waste (eg ashes) must be wrapped or bagged.
  • bins should be washed out regularly to avoid the build up of any waste in the bottom of the bin.
  • bags or boxes of extra rubbish must not be placed with the bin for collection.
  • only one bin per residence should be put out for collection unless prior arrangements have been made with the contractor.
  • the following waste should not be put in bins: smoke detectors, ammunition/explosives, asbestos, fire extinguishers, chemicals, flares, hazardous waste, liquid waste, contaminated soil, mobile phones, tyres, car/truck batteries, sump oil. Please contact Council on 8862 0800 for waste disposal alternatives.

If your bin has not been emptied and you feel you have complied with the guidelines, please contact Clare Valley Waste Service on 0438 884 340.

Thanks To – http://www.wakefieldrc.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=353

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