Hamley Bridge Swimming Pool Inc

Providing a safe, active play and family oriented environment to encourage learning,
awareness and community spirit.

If you wish to take out a membership this season please carefully read and fill out the forms and take the
forms to the pool or post it to: 3 Dahlmyra Ave, Hamley Bridge SA 5401 or email to hbspinc@hotmail.com

Payment of memberships entitles the member(s) entrance into the pool during public sessions, Vacswim
and school swimming.

DOWNLOAD Swimming Pool Membership Forms HERE

Opening times for the season

Temperature opening is 26 degrees


School days………………………4.00pm – 6.00pm

Weekends, school holidays

and public holidays………….2.00pm – 6.00pm

Lap Swimmers………………….7.00am- 8.30pm

unless pre-arranged


The Hamley Bridge Swimming Pool is a volunteer-run organisation. On days when there are no volunteers available, the pool will be closed. The more volunteers we have, the less likely this is to occur.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering is encouraged to either see staff on duty or phone Michelle Hatch as Volunteer Co-ordinator 0459 797 981. If you lack confidence, we will ensure you are rostered on with a competent pool supervisor. Training is provided.

If you wish to become a member this season, please contact any committee member for Membership Forms.  Download form here


SEASON PASS (valid for season)
Pass Cost
Family (4 people) $10.00 additional per person $150.00
Family (optional extra- Lap swimmer $50 per person plus $50 key deposit per group) $170.00
Lap Swimming Only ($50 refundable key deposit per group) $130.00
Low Usage Individual Membership ($3.50 entry thereafter) $15.00
Three Pool Membership (Hamley Bridge, Owen, Balaclava) $200.00
10% Discount if membership is paid before the beginning of the Season

Membership tags will be issued to each member of the membership type with the exception of children under 10 years of age.

  • Children under five years’ of age must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult, over 18 or guardian, and supervised within arm’s reach while in the centre.
  • Children under 10 years must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult and supervised within line of sight whilst in the centre
  • All unsupervised children will be asked to leave the water

Three Pool Membership entitles family or household entry to the Hamley Bridge Swimming Pool, Owen Swimming Pool and Balaklava Swimming Pool. Fees must be paid in full before entry is valid.

Aqua Aerobics Classes

This year we are able to offer Aqua Aerobic classes. Classes will be run with a minimum 8 people.  Timetable and fees to be announced later.

Raffle tickets and tickets to the High Tea on October 14th can be purchased from Gallery 14. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Wendy and Ricky for their help and continued support

Our Pool is an integral part of our Town and Community. Please support it by becoming a member, volunteering or donating to ensure the successful operations of our Pool.


Contact Us

Moira Shephard – 0488 130 444


Kirsten Kain – 04277282738


Beth Spurling – 0401628149


Michelle Hatch

Pool Operator & Volunteer Co-ordinator

0459 797 981

Download Membership Form


Canteen Duties: Our canteen is run by volunteers. If you are available to help, inform one of our
volunteers. Remember the pool would simply not open without volunteers.

Volunteer training: Provides any person wishing to volunteer with first aid and water safety for pool
volunteers. This is paid for and provided by the swimming pool.

Police checks: These are mandatory under the child and safety act. A minimum pool volunteer training course is also required for supervising at the pool. These are provided at the pools expense for all volunteers. They are also a legal requirement under the standards and guidelines of operating commercial pool.

Without volunteers, we will experience closure days. We would appreciate any help, the more
volunteers the more we can achieve. If you lack confidence we will ensure you are on with a
competent pool supervisor.

Children under 10 years of age: must be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years). Unaccompanied
children 10 years and over must be a competent swimmers.

Medical emergency: In an emergency an ambulance will be called. It may be advisable to complete the
medical forms if your child who may remain at the pool unaccompanied, are completed for quick first
aid response and notification to parents.
Child safe environment: Please be aware that we are a child safe environment and now have mandatory
reporting. If there is any concern in regards to issues we may not be aware of please contact our child
safety officer.
ALL PAYMENT FOR MEMBERSHIPS IS DUE 31st December 2018 after this date the member
must pay at each entry until the membership has been paid. This gate fee is separate to membership and
will not be taken off membership fees.
LAP SWIMMERS: Lap swimmers are only allowed in the pool between the times of 6am to9.30pm. If
caught outside these times you will forfeit your key and lose your Key deposit and may be prosecuted.
MAINTENANCE: When there are any maintenance machines, tools in the pool, the pool is closed until
maintenance is finished the work. This work is done to ensure the standard of the swimming pool is
maintained and the safety of all patrons. A black board sign will be placed out to alert swimmers of any
conditions or issues within the pool grounds, please take note of this board.
KEYS: Keys must be returned at the end of the swimming season or deposits will be forfeited. The pool
committee retains the right to change the gate locks at any time without notice.

We ask all patrons to abide by our rules and regulations and would ask for
each person on the pool grounds to respect others. Unorderly conduct or
abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave. As this
is a child safe environment abusive behaviour towards children will not be
Please remember we are all volunteers, working for your community
swimming pool.

Management committee


Hamley Bridge Swimming Pool Incorporated

For the safety and comfort of all users of this facility, please observe all signs and symbols that are located around the facility. Please adhere to the correct pool behaviour rules as set out below:

  • All users will respect the staff, other swimmers and council property whilst using the facility.
  • Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by a person over 18 Years or be the legal guardian.
  • Children under 5 Years of age shall be within arm’s reach of their supervising adult or guardian.
  • The toddlers pool is for non-swimmers and children under 5 Years of age or where there is permission given by the pool supervisor.
  • Inappropriate use of cameras, including phone cameras whilst on pool property is not permitted.
  • No cameras in the changing rooms.
  • Unsafe or offending behaviour is not permitted, including verbal and physical abusive behaviour, angry or vulgar language, swearing, shouting or name calling.
  • Excessive unwanted splashing will not be permitted.
  • No walking or running around the edge of the swimming pool
  • Deliberate shifting of stairs is not allowed unless permission is granted by the pool supervisor.
  • No running on concrete areas around the pool facility.
  • No Bombing dives unless the supervisor has given permission and where is enough supervision on the pool grounds to remain as a spotter.
  • Lap Swimmers are there to do laps only- diving board is out of bounds
  • Two adults must be in the pool grounds for Lap Swimmers
  • No stealing
  • Swimming pool activities must be conducted in a manner that is safe for all swimmers using the facilities
  • One person on the diving board at a time
  • No diving off the side of the diving board- dive off the end of the board
  • Permission must be sought from the pool supervisor if swimmers would like to do flips off the diving board.

Not Permitted on Pool Grounds

  • Pets (exception of guide dogs)
  • Glass
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Running
  • Pushing
  • Dunking
  • Body Boards (unless being used for supervised activities)
  • Spitting
  • Rollerblades, skateboards, scooter, bicycles and roller-skates

Swimmers are not to use the Swimming Pool if;

  • They have an open wound
  • If they are bleeding
  • Have a disease that can be transmitted to other people through water or contact
  • Have head lice
  • Have had gastro type symptoms within two weeks
  • They are dirty or sweaty (please use showers before entry to the water).
  • Swimmers must use the toilet or wear an appropriate swimming nappy. No urinating or defecating in the swimming pool.
    (We understand that accidents do occur, if an accident does occur swimmers must notify staff immediately and we will do our best to be discrete).
  • There must be two trained supervisors when there are swimmers in the facility at all times.

The pool supervisor has the right to modify these rules based on the number of people in the pool and the safety to all persons using the facility within the scope of the guidelines set by Royal Life Saving SA.

Complaints of another person’s behaviour shall be directed to the Pool supervisor in charge.

All other complaints will be made in writing and forward to the Hamley Bridge Swimming Pool Management Committee.

Consequences of behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour will be determined by the Pool Supervisors on duty or management committee only. All incidences will be recorded. Depending on the severity of the incident, 3 warnings will be made before a time-out period will occur. Continual or extreme unacceptable behaviour can result in an exclusion from the pool for a period of time.

We are a child safe environment and any abuse to a child will be notified to the appropriate authorities.

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