Hamley Bridge Logo of the Hamley Bridge swimming pool for the local community.

Hamley Bridge Swimming Pool

To provide a safe, active play and family-orientated environment that will encourage learning, awareness and community spirit.

The Hamley Bridge Swimming Pool Inc is currently run in partnership with Wakefield Regional

Council & local volunteers. The facility has two pools (main and splash pool), and operates between November and March each year. The main pool is 25 meters long and 3.8 meters deep at its deepest end, and includes a diving board, 4 access ladders and easy access steps at the shallow end. The establishment has separate male/female change rooms and bathroom facilities. The canteen sells cold drinks, ice creams, lollies, packs of chips, noodle cups and toasted sandwiches. Volunteers often hold themed food nights and activities during the swimming season at the pool. Keep up to date with events via their Facebook page.


Hamley Bridge Swimming Club was formed in 1908. A shed was erected near a long stretch of water in the light river below White Banks and a large heavy plant was placed across the narrow opening of the swimming area. Yearly carnivals and swimming lessons were held there. The dangers of river swimming were a concern to the community and its members set out to build a modern concrete pool. The land was donated and the community received funding of £1500 from the government, and raised another £1207 through community fundraising and the Bell Bay Motor Racing Carnival. The digging of the pool was done by local volunteers. The Hamley Bridge Swimming Pool officially opened on December 3rd 1960 and was one of the first modern swimming pools in the lower north.

Hamley Bridge A black and white photo of the Hamley Bridge Community.
Hamley Bridge A black and white photo of a swimming pool located in the Hamley Bridge Community.

Sources: “Hamley Bridge Centenary 1868-1968 Souvenir Booklet” & “Back to Hamley Bridge Celebrations February 18-25, 1933 Souvenir Booklet”.


Volunteers are always needed on the HBSP inc committee, fundraising, events, weekly cleaning and running the canteen during the swimming season.

Canteen volunteer requirements:

    • First Aid certificate

Canteen Volunteer incentives:

    • FREE training (a commitment to a minimum of 1 x 2 hour shift per fortnight is required)

    • FREE entry for family on days working in canteen

    • Every shift worked gives you entry to yearly volunteer drawer to win a FREE membership for next season

Please contact the volunteer coordinator (details below) for more information and training dates.


The Hamley Bridge Swimming Pool is supervised by paid lifeguards, funded by Wakefield Regional Council.

The position requires the following essential qualifications;

    • Lifeguard Qualification (16 years and over)

    • Senior First Aid Certificate

    • Test Pool Water Quality Training

Successful applicants will be required to commence (on a roster system) following the opening of the swimming pool season in November 2022.

To apply, please contact Wakefield Regional Council

PO Box 167                                                    T: (08) 8862 0800

Balaklava, SA 5461                                         E: admin@wrc.sa.gov.au

      Opening Times (dependent on volunteer availability)

The minimum temperature for opening is forecast for 25 degrees Celsius (Adelaide).

      General Swimming

Monday to Friday (School Term)                      4pm – 6pm Weekends, School holidays & Public Holidays 2pm – 6pm

      Lap SwimmingBegins Monday 14th November

Monday – Saturday                                          6:00AM – 7:30AM

Monday, Wednesday & Friday                          6:00PM – 7:00PM

Please note, once Owen Swimming Pool Reopens this season, Hamley Bridge & Owen Swimming Pool will return to alternating days (see HB times below). A multi-pool membership is available for

those who wish to swim at Owen as well. Please contact Owen Swimming Pool for their lap swimming times.

    • Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday                        6:00AM – 7:30AM

    • Monday, Wednesday & Friday                          6:00PM – 7:00PM

      Private Hires (available outside general swimming and lap swimming hours)

$100 per hour

Hirers must provide one person with a current First Aid Certificate.

Lifeguards are required to be present and prices include the cost of 1 lifeguard, hires with more than 30 people attending, will require a second lifeguard for an additional $40 per hour.

Terms and Conditions Apply. Please contact us below for more information and pool availability.

Hamley Bridge 2021 - 2022 entry fees for Hamley Bridge Community.


Please go to https://www.vacswimsa.com.au/enrol for Hamley Bridge VACSWIM dates and times.

      Swimming Lessons & Aqua Classes

See Facebook page for more information

      Contact Us


(08) 8528 2004 (during opening hours only)

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HBswimmingpool


Melissa Collinge 0400 282 574


Ashleigh Giles 0498 627 451

      Volunteer Coordinator

Lynda Nosatti 0428 815 030

      Pool Operations, Maintenance & Lifeguards

Wakefield Regional Council (08) 8862 0800

     Downloadable Forms